GADC leveraged its extensive training experience and best practice knowledge to work closely with customers to assist in the development of the training strategy and plan. The training activities will include, but not be limited to, the following activities:

  • Development and delivery of Train-the-Trainer sessions
  • Coordination of training logistics to include classrooms, scheduling and attendance
  • Development of training materials both enterprise and localization
  • Analysis of training data
  • Support and recommendation to the Navy ERP Training Strategy & Plan
  • Consultation and advisory of SAP and training best practices
  • Compilation and reporting of training data
  • Development of online training modules
Our expert trainers have developed a comprehensive Soft Skills Train-the-Trainer Plan that prepares training to more than 350 site trainers and soft skills trainers to be able to perform the following functions:
  • Co-facilitate
  • Use prepared instructional notes
  • Access and utilize multiple SAP/ERP screens and courseware during classroom training
  • Facilitate learning in a computer classroom
  • Make us of a “Parking Lot” for technical questions that cannot be answered
  • Understanding the Adult Learner
  • Facilitation Techniques
  • Communication Skills
  • Increasing Participation
  • Presenting with Impact
  • Survival Skills for the New Trainer
We leveraged Training Best Practices to support the training initiative. Our team includes resources with extensive training backgrounds and diverse expertise in proven online and classroom training tools and techniques. We have the unique ability to customize training content and templates to meet the needs of our customers using tools such as the following:
We develop, deliver, analyze and maintain site surveys and assessments to determine training needs. The team will continue to utilize a variety of tools including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Online Survey Tools
  • Department of Defense Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE)
  • Interviews
  • Pre and Post Assessments
  • E-mail Surveys
  • End of course observations
We have established a training requirements plan that addresses succession planning and refresher training for trainers. We will continue to update the ERP training requirements plan as needed to address changes to training requirements, succession plans, and releases. We maintain a procedural plan that outlines in-place helpdesk support protocol, procedures and contacts. We also document dates, duration, location, and attendance for each training course that is conducted. This data is then compiled and delivered to our customers for their records.